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December to March Recap

Content Recap

It's been a busy few months here at The Coaching Manual and we've produced a lot of new content. With that said, you'd be forgiven for missing an article or two, so here's a run down of our content from December to March...

1. Full Back Rondo Series

Summary - In this series, we analyse the role of the Full Back and how you can incorporate a rondo practice into your coaching session. This series included four articles. 

Where to find - Part 1

Two defenders challenge for the ball in a competition soccer match.

2. Multipurpose Midfielder - Luka Modric

Summary - This article explores the importance and involvement of Luka Modric for Real Madrid as well as tips for how to coach your Midfielders. 

Where to find - Luka Modric

Luka Modric, footballer, jogging on soccer pitch.

3. Finish like Jamie Vardy

Summary - We look at the key factors that make Jamie Vardy a clinical finisher. You can implement these coaching drills with players of any ability. 

Where to find - Jamie Vardy

4. Central Penetration Series

Summary - In this series, we identify ways in which your team can play up, back and through your opposition. This series consists of three articles and includes key coaching points, progressions and details.

Where to find - Central Penetration Part 1

Arsenal FC players celebrate

5. Training Ground - Central Hub for Coaches

Summary - In our recent website upgrade, we launched a whole host of new features. In this article, we summarise our latest updates and guide you through how to save time planning sessions. 

Where to find - Locker Room

training ground home page

6. Edu Rubio interview series

Summary - We sat down with the Head of Academy coaching at MK Dons, Edu Rubio. We discuss multiple topics including; grassroots and academy football, sport science, letting the game be the teacher and rondos.

Where to find - Edu Rubio introduction

Edu rubio with football quote

7. Peter Schmeichel - Legends series

Summary - The first in our legends series, the Manchester United giant, Peter Schmeichel. We look at some of Schmeichel's best skills and how you can coach them to your aspiring Goalkeepers. 

Where to find - Schmeichel 

8. Playing between the lines series

Summary - In this recent series, we look at how you can coach your players to move into spaces and use rondo practices to play between the lines. We begin by looking at breaking down the high, medium and low defensive block. 

Where to find - Part 1

9. Graham Mills - Bournemouth AFC interview

Summary - Graham Mills is the Lead Youth Development Phase Coach at Bournemouth AFC. We sat down with Graham to discuss how Bournemouth AFC connects with the grassroots community. More from Bournemouth AFC coming soon. 

Where to find - Interview

10. Punch Football introduction and drills

Summary - In our most recent article, we take inspiration from the culture of South American football and analyse the concept of 'Punch Football'. We take these concepts and convert them into coaching drills for Coaches to use. 

Where to find - Introduction

Punch football grey image


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