Vantage Point Camera Mast

There are an abundance of different sports camera masts available on the market and we believe that we have found the most cost effective high camera solution on the market- After much research, The Vantage Point Wireless Camera Mast Solution beats other solutions in terms of overall footage quality, portability, shooting angle, weather suitability and safety.

Key Vantage Point Features and Benefits:

  1. PL Standard Footage- Capture footage in HD 1080p from a perfectly elevated position, enabling you to observe clearly what is happening on the pitch.
  2. Live Analysis- A live video feed from your Vantage Point and into your analysis software enables immediate analysis of your session/ game.
  3. Lightweight and Durable - The Vantage point weighs 5kg and comes with a durable travel case, perfect for long distance travel for tours and carrying across any train grounds.
  4. All-Weather - The lightweight construction and removal of wires means that the Vantage Point is easy, durable safe to use in any weather.
  5. Low Maintenance - Individual components are cheap to replace so it’s easy and cheap to maintain or replace parts.

But don’t just take our word for it…

The vantage point systems have been a fantastic addition to the academy’s analysis department. They consistently provide high quality footage from a height that would be unattainable from a temporary gantry and function extremely well in the most adverse weather conditions. I have previously and will continue to recommend the Vantage Point as the best value filming system available on the market. 

- Tom Jenkinson, Head Of Academy Analysis Swansea City.

For more information and enquiries please contact Jack Heggie

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