What we do

Here are some of the main features that help to make The Coaching Manual a world leading soccer education tool.

Full Coaching Sessions

Professional standard coaching content filmed with our partners Southampton F.C.

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Season Plans

Create a customised Season Plan for your team and players. Save yourself valuable coaching time.

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Individual Player Skills

Extensive catalogue of drills for players of all ages and abilities.

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Club/Team Management

Curate and share content with your teams through Club/Team Management features.

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  • Social

    Follow other coaches and players from around the world on our interactive platform.

  • Folders

    Organise sessions, drills and content into folders and share with your team.

  • Favourites

    Bookmark all of your favourite content and easily refer back to it.

  • Search

    Find your desired content, effortlessly and easily.

  • Notes

    Add notes to your coaching session or drill, perfect for the detailed coach.

  • Print

    Easily print sessions and drills in either a detailed or compact format.

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