Get better at soccer with our trusted and verified coaching sessions.

Our library of full soccer coaching sessions have been filmed with our partners, Southampton F.C. to save you time searching for soccer sessions/practices online. We believe we have captured coaching sessions from one of the world's leading professional development academies, with this, we aim to improve coaching and playing standard across the game.

Coaches at Southampton F.C. have an abundance of experience in producing exceptional talent. For this reason, our coaching sessions are truly unique in the fact they’ve been verified by coaches and Directors that have spent multiple years in the professional game.

The Coaching Manual is a solid resource for planning sessions. It also provides motivation for my players and coaches - we challenge our players to be as good as the players in the videos.
Michael Connell, Director of Coaching at FC Tampa Rangers

Each coaching session is typically divided into a few different sections; the introduction, warm-up, technical practice, skill practice, small sided game practice and debrief. You’ll also notice we’ve added some extra ‘coaching points’ on instances where the take-home message is worth pointing out.

To assist you further, each coaching session comes with it’s own equipment list, set of key coaching points, set up details, ideas for progressions and coaching details.

We truly believe our soccer coaching sessions are industry leading and revolutionising the way children are learning how to play soccer.

Some of our full coaching sessions include; rondos, beat the player moves, 1v1 defending practices, playing out from the back, playing through the thirds, counter attacking, defending out of balance, defending in balance and creating attacking overloads.

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