Locker Room

Welcome to the Locker Room 

The Locker Room is your central hub for your account with The Coaching Manual. Some of the features hosted here include; Dashboard, Folders, Teams and Clubs, Customisation, Sessions, Social Activity, News and Activity Feed. 

Navigating Your Account

Our revampped Locker Room is the home to your Dashboard. It's here where you can begin to find some of the tools to become a better player or coach. The Dashboard has been designed to display all of your coaching content in one glance. From the Dashboard you can access all of the Locker Room features. 


With a fully customisable interface, you can create a profile and edit the colour scheme and add public information about yourself or team/club. 

Social Feature

Build your football community by networking with other coaches and players. You can follow other coaches and players and they will appear in your social following tab. By following other coaches and players, their activity will appear in your activity feed. See what sessions UEFA A licenced coaches are sharing. 


When you are in the Training Ground or Classroom you have the option to Favourite or Folder content. When you Favourite, they’ll be added to your designated Folder for safe keeping. 


You can now create Folders that can be shared with your Team/Coaches. Segment principles of play into different folders and share with coaches/parents when necassary. 

Clubs and Teams

With our new interface, you can add your clubs, teams and coaches seamlessly. Each team can have coaches/parents allocated, invitations sent via email. 

Need Help Getting Started?

Don’t worry you’re not the first. Help is available through our Help-Centre, YouTube playlist called ‘Tutorials’, or if you have a more specific question we are available on Live Chat.


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