The Training Ground

The Training Ground

The Coaching Manual's Training Ground is an online resource for football coaching sessions and individual player skill videos. It's where you can find full coaching sessions, guides, skills and more.


What is it?

Training Ground is the home to your football coaching sessions, coaching drills and individual player skills. From Spin Turns to Playing Through The Thirds, we have it all. Never search for a coaching session again, our Training Ground has everything you need. 


Find new drills for your players

With over 50 individual player skills and coaching drills at your fingertips, learn player skills from the likes of Southampton FC, Wayne Rooney and Vincent Kompany. Simply create an account to access all of our player skill videos. As per normal, these videos are captured with our dependable attention to detail. 


Full coaching sessions

Filmed with Southampton FC’s Academy, our football training sessions are of the highest standard. Each coaching session consists of 2-6 unique videos, typically broken down into; introduction, warm up, technical practice, skill practice, small sided game and debrief.


All of our sessions are tablet and mobile friendly however, we understand that some coaches may still be a bit ‘old school’ and we are ‘cool’ with that. That’s why all of our coaching sessions come with a downloadable PDF. So there you have it, print or digital, it’s your call.

What Else?

  • We love the idea of players viewing and practicing skills before the coaching session. Not only this, but players receiving a particular skill that the coach wants them to practice during the week, post coaching session.
  • This can save you valuable time at practice because the players have already been introduced to the skill and seen it performed by a player, as opposed to purely by a coach.
  • Do you really like a coaching drill video and want your team to see it before practice? No problem...


Firstly, you can Favourite and Folder content to be stored in your Locker Room. Secondly, you can add it to a Folder that’s shared with your team so the team members will receive an email notification. Pretty smart, eh?

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