Our Performance team are here to support you with your team/clubs soccer needs.

With years of professional experience, our support team can aid you with soccer equipment, game analysis and bespoke packages.

The Performance team can give you an exclusive look into the professional game and provide technology solutions for soccer clubs.

The support is excellent in terms of availability, TCM performance answer their phones, respond to messages and emails very quickly. In our field, getting issues resolved quickly is essential when you're working to a deadline or work-flow.
Andrew Stone, Sports Performance Manager at ChyronHego

Vantage Point

We believe video plays an integral part of the coaching cycle. Video makes it possible to constructively and objectively reflect on a performance and adapt your training sessions or teams to suit the conclusions of your analysis.

Additionally, video can be useful in the following situations:

  • Coaching development, video can be used for self-reflection to develop your own coaching performance.
  • Provide video evidence of players performance for scholarship/ trial opportunities at professional clubs.
  • Video of a game e.g. Cup Final/ Tour for the team to have as a keepsake.
  • Highlight videos for promotion within social media, events and marketing purposes for your club.

Having done our research we have found the Vantage Point wireless camera mast to be the best filming solution after taking into account the following criteria:

  • Footage Quality - Capture sports performance in high definition from a perfectly elevated position, enabling you to observe clearly what is happening.
  • Analysis Software Compatability - Incorporate your Vantage Point footage into your existing analysis software workflows.
  • Ease of Assembly and Efficiency - From unpacking the equipment to the start of recording the simple steps of assembly mean that the mast can be erected in less than 5 minutes.
  • Lightweight and Durability - The Vantage point weighs approximately 5kg which is perfect for carrying over long distances, taking on the coach/ plane to away trips and safeguarding from the strains of day to day use.
  • All-Weather - The waterproofing equipment adequately protects both the iPad and camera from any potential water damage from the hardest hitting rainstorms.

For more information on Vantage Point, please email Chris at chris@thecoachingmanual.com.

Prices start from $3600.

TCM Performance is a very valuable resource, there's a lot of opportunity to learn and take things back to your own club.
Andy Blake, ‎Head of Performance Analysis at Leicester City Football Club

Remote Analyst

Remote Analyst is managed by our in-house Performance Analyst team which acts as an outsourcing analyst system. In three simple steps you can have your soccer game analysed to custom metrics.

  1. Upload your footage to our service provider (TeamXStream).
  2. Define the metrics you would like analysing.
  3. Our team of experts will then code your game and return the coded file to you. It’s a seamless process and flexible on the client.

Remote Analyst is available to clubs at all levels and customisable to meet your goals and objectives.

Prices start from $100 per game.